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Re: Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans

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If one is going to claim something as a fact, one needs to be able to support the claim. The poster in question was stating something as an absolute fact but offered no data to support it.
As CorporalCaptain acknowledged, the initial response was providing the evidence of Sealab: 2020. You attempted to skip over that to continue arguing a point already rendered false and not founded on historical evidence (your recogntion of characters as Filmation's reason for creating life support belts).

Further, citing other series where main characters used regular costumes and spacesuits and/or helmets only hammered the point that TAS was not prevented from using TOS suits by your unsubstantiated claim of character recognition being the reason they were not used.

If you are going to present a case, it would help to have evidence on hand to present from the start, rather than using opinion or preference, which is easy to pick apart.
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