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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x01 The Child

From The next Generation Companion -
Guest star Diana Muldaur is generally considered a regular cast member, as her character appears in all but two episodes and otherwise fulfills the role of a main character. The actress was reportedly offered a place in the opening credit sequence, but declined and was listed instead as a Special Guest star.
Whoopi may have been the bartender but she had a much better role and lines than Yar ever did, even though she was in the more powerful role. Did Whoopi ever consider Gene to be sexist? I doubt it.

I agree, they could have dealt a little more with Troi's feelings about being "raped", but I stand by my "pro-choice" comments in proving that this episode was far from sexist. If it were sexist Picard would have ordered her to have a termination.
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