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Re: Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans

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Besides, even if TAS had used spacesuits rather than force field belts, there's no guarantee they would've used the "Tholian Web" spacesuit design, which after all only appeared once and was not standardized.
You did it...again. The "Tholian Web" spacesuit appeared the second time in "Whom Gods Destroy".
Good call. I thought its 2nd appearance would have been easy to recall. It was a new invention for the series, so that automatically calls attention to itself.

The thing that really irritates me is that ever since I joined Trek BBS I've noticed your attitude claiming that the producers didn't really know what they were doing (quite an arrogant claim at the expense of the fine people who gave us Star Trek, IMHO) and that we'd be entitled to rewrite Star Trek history and/or technology the way we'd see fit.
That kind of mentality gave us the Berman years, where continuity (in relation to TOS) was sketchy at best...and that's before the disaster that was Enterprise.
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