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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x01 The Child

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Troi gets unwillingly impregnated by an alien and everyone, even Troi pretty much shrugs it off as if it's no big deal even before the end of the episode. How many rape victims do you know treat being raped the same way? How can you say that the writers actually care about such subject matters if they don't bother to make it much of an issue for the characters?

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There were just two main female characters by the end of season one. There are three now (Guinan, Pulaski and Troi).
Kind of hard to justify them as 'main female characters' when the credits list Whoopi Goldberg and Diana Muldaur as 'guest stars' in every episode they appear in. And how can we take their roles seriously when their positions are the doctor, counselor and bartender? Pretty weak positions when compared to the other more prominent roles of Captain, First Officer, Helm officer, Con officer, tactical officer, Chief Engineer. ect. All of which in the Child are filled in by male characters. Plus their roles in the episode do more harm than good since Pulaski is a condescending, unprofessional jerk, Deanna is treated more like a plot device than an actual person, and Guinan helped convince Wesley to stay onboard the Enterprise.
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