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Re: "Upstream Color" ‘Primer’s Shane Carruth returns!

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Perhaps this will get PRIMER released on Blu-Ray. Hopefully this film will be as good as Carruth's earlier effort. I'm looking forward to it.
Since "Primer" was shot on Super16 film and released on DVD with 2 audio commentaries I don't see the need for this on Blu-ray. This film did not have stellar visuals or dialogue sound. Going from Lossy Dolby Digital to a lossless track would be pretty minimal considering the low budget origins of the film.
It is available on iTunes but i don't think in HD either.
Were you hoping for its release to just get another scifi film on HD or released to consumers to help the genre or specifically because HD would show off the Super16 source any better?

I own the DVD and am fine with it on DVD. Carruth shot Upstream Color on a Panasonic GH2 $700. camera in HD and i'll want to see it in HD.
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