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Re: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Pt2 *SPOILERS*

Let's see how people react to Nazi-Boobs! Political correctness was still about 2 years away when this was printed.

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Didn't feel long and bloated to me.
I suppose that was my main problem with it. The pacing was way, way too quick. Like the first part, it wisely does not try to slavishly mimic the comic. What works so well in the comic, often comes out terribly in the other mediums. And yet...

Many sections of the Book were soliloquies (with panels) by the characters. I can see why some should not have been included, due to the artistic differences of the medium, or overall direction. Superman's post-nuke thoughts probably would not come out well on screen. Overwrougt or corny. But others...You may as well have not included Alfred at all if you weren't going to include the 'purloined letter' sequence. I suppose no narration is less awkward than occasional narration on screen. I wish the director could have found a solution to that.

OTOH, I did think there were some Nice little things that invoke the book's spirit, without compromising the show's integrity. The additions to the end, for example, such as Gordon's exchange with Superman (I think that's new), and Olly leading the bat-boys.

I saw it OnDemand, so it was no frills. Cant judge any extras the DVD may have. The end credits were too wide for the screen for some reason.
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