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Re: Inheriting before a relative dies

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My parents already spend everything on their children and grandchildren. They won't have anything left. Which is the way it should be.
My dad pays for my two older children to attend an independent school, and he expects no repayment for it (it's coming out of my inheritance). The combined tuition per annum is more than my husband and I earn. The local state school is crap, and I didn't want the kids going there. My dad has also already given all his kids our monetary share of the inheritance. This has allowed my husband and me to extend our house and give each child his/her own bedroom, which is how my dad wanted us to use the money. When he dies what will be left to share out are his possessions and the proceeds of the sale of his condo. Being the only daughter I already inherited our mother's jewellery when she died, and apart from some photographs and other small sentimental things there's nothing else I want. My house is packed to the gills as it is.
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