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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 70; Obfuscation

Dax: Crap, here comes God's gift to space women - hi, Worf!

O'Brien: I've got a few hours before Keiko wakes up.

Bashir: I just hope she doesn't chew out of the restraints this time.

O'Brien: Don't worry. She's into it. Thanks for the book.

Dabo girl: Quark made Fifty Shades of Gray required reading for the staff.

O'Brien: I'll talk to Sisko.

Bashir: About Quark?

O'Brien: Sure, Julian.

Jake: Are the Jem-Hadar - fully functional and anatomically correct?
Weyoun: Yes, of course.
Jake <writing>: I knew you would know....

Shakaar: Is it because I can't do tentacles?
Kira: Yep.

Bashir: Is it the neural device, Captain?
Sisko: No. It's the lighting in here. Seriously, Starfleet, spring for a light bulb.

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