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Re: Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans

Christopher wrote: View Post
Besides, even if TAS had used spacesuits rather than force field belts, there's no guarantee they would've used the "Tholian Web" spacesuit design, which after all only appeared once and was not standardized.
You did it...again. The "Tholian Web" spacesuit appeared the second time in "Whom Gods Destroy".

The thing that really irritates me is that ever since I joined Trek BBS I've noticed your attitude claiming that the producers didn't really know what they were doing (quite an arrogant claim at the expense of the fine people who gave us Star Trek, IMHO) and that we'd be entitled to rewrite Star Trek history and/or technology the way we'd see fit.

Already then I said I believed this to be a rather poor excuse to justify the neglect of in-depth research work and since I've joined Trek BBS there have been several occasions where I tried to prove that rather on the contrary the producers knew very well what they were doing (e.g. Kirk and McCoy's provisional window cabins on Engineering Deck 12).

Christopher wrote: View Post
Actually I did base that on evidence, to the extent that I checked screencaps of the bar scene and looked at people's sleeves to see what rank stripes were there. There was nobody in the bar scene wearing captain's stripes other than Kirk; all the background extras, as I said at the time, either had a single stripe or none at all. I did, admittedly, overlook the fact that the extras who played the board members also appeared in the bar scene, but as I said, that doesn't mean they were playing the same characters, since there are multiple precedents for the same extra appearing in two different roles at different points in a TOS episode (in fact, I think there's one early case of Eddie Paskey appearing in two different, intercut parts of the ship during the same scene). And I did explain all this in the thread at the time; you must have overlooked it.
Please...the actors playing the Starfleet officers and the court reporter were wearing the same dress uniforms earlier in the Starbase Club as later in the trial. You claimed they "definitely" were not there. Period.

There also have been several occasions at Trek BBS where I was wrong. So what? It's human. If I screwed up I will either say so ("I stand corrected") or show the others that I realize I made an error ("Oops...Nebraska it is"). I'm not gonna make up excuses or explanations - especially if everyone can see how wrong I was - but accept responsibility for my error. Admittedly, the more you write the bigger the chances you make a mistake ("Somebody who doesn't make mistakes is a lazy dog"). But again, that's natural and human, in my own biased personal opinion.

Back to the original topic:

I'm wondering how our TAS protagonists wearing these life support belts communicated with one another in the vacuum of space (no credibility problem with the TOS EVA suit).

Did they already have 24th Century communicator insignias? Again, a design obviously quite ahead of its time but possibly not compatible with the context and standards of TOS.

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