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Re: TNG Caption This! 302: I look forward to our next caption, Captain

Riker: Push this to load your torpedo.
Picard: That's what she said.
Riker: Who is she?
Picard: Counselor Troi.
Worf: Idiots.

Big Bang Theory - was just Friends with product placements! Damn you Progenitors!

Geordi: It's a bird!
Data: It's a plane!
Riker: It's - Mime Man!
Geordi: Why is Captain Picard never around to see him?

Data: I should warn you. The El-Aurian likes to screw with people who block her view.

Romulan: One in every bar.

Well that settles the Neutral Zone peace treaty. If you're interested, Tomalak, later Mister Data is holding a Bach recital -

A hundred more years of war!

Merde. So close.

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