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Re: Idea for New Series

Ok my pitch.

-A Trek TV show, not based in anyway on the JJ Abrams movies.

-Set in the TNG-DS9 timeline but in like a alternate universe with completley different characters. The look is very similar to TNG/DS9 but modernized.

-The ship can be called Enterprise and it can reference the well known species (Borg, Romulans) and tech but absolutley no referencing specific characters, so no "We got a hail from Admiral Janeway", references to Spock, cameos, etc. The show has to stand on its own two legs.

-Ideally it should be syndicated on free over-the-air tv, but because of the current tv landscape it would inevitably be on SyFy or something.

-I want the show to be like TNG in personality. Standalone episodes, can be both lighthearted and serious. Go back to the fundamental soul of Star Trek which is exploration of space and humanity.
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