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Re: Maker Movement Motivates Federation Citizens?

Nightdiamond wrote: View Post
There's an argument that the transported person is just a copy.
The problem I've always had with this argument is the Federation at least is supposed to possess a high ethical code, but you are still going to step into a machine that ends your personal existence? Even if an exact copy of you is created at the far end of the process, you are still gone. You're dead.

I don't see it. Yes, select individuals might have a fatalistic philosphy on the matter, they don't believe in the personal self. But we seen many people on the various show who display a reverence for life, they mourn the passing of others, and will fight to preserve their own life's and personal survival.

These people Nightdiamond are not going to step into the transporter you describe.

Photonic wrote: View Post
And actually transporters destroy matter, convert it into energy
The transporter would seem to change the "transportee" into some kind of energy state, but not destroy the orginal matter in favor of energy. We know from Kirk and Saavik conversation, and Barkley's personal experience that people being transporter remain conscious and aware, and are capable of movement in the matter stream. We've seen many examples of people materializing in different positions than they were in when they dematerialized.

While you are in an energy state, you remain (in some fashion) a person the entire time. You never cease to exist.

Edit_XYZ wrote: View Post
Transforming a person into energy=a large yield atomic explosion.
That goes beyond converting into energy, that also involves then releasing the energy. There no evidence that a person's mass/energy is being release during transport.

cgervasi wrote: View Post
a bubbler in the park
Excuse me?

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