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Re: Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn conclusion of the first TP a

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um... no one?
Well, counting a trilogy as an arc is... obvious? Imho, it was just a 'trilogy arc', in contrast to TP which is ongoing with no end in sight. As is Project Full Circle (real world perspective - no new book before 2014).
Cold Equations, IMO, was an arc centered on AI, using the ongoing TNG cast and the Typhon Pact as backdrop. In the "Typhon Pact arc" detailed (IMO) in ASD through Brinkmanship, the Pact is in the front (after using the post-Destiny landscape as a forerunner theme)

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  1. The Fall I believe that this will be the "third arc" featuring the TP and its fall (IMO the title of this series concerns the Pact, though it's just conjecture at this point..).
Given the origin of the series title this is unlikely I would think.

The miniseries was named "the fall miniseries", because it was scheduled for the season of fall, and it was only as we began batting around ideas, and someone said, "this is all turning pretty grim maybe we should call it The Fall, that's kind of ominous". We all thought it was a good laugh and a good joke. Then the editor said, "actually that's not bad, we'll go with that", and we're like, "what have we done?"
by David Mack in his Literary Treks interview, transcribed by 8of5 for
Well, that's the first I've heard of this , but having an ominous tiutle like The Fall would have been quite a callback to the back pages of ASD, when it was written that "2010 - the Typhon Pact will rise".. oh well
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