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Movies: that last shot

A wise man once said that a true measure of how good a filmmaker is, maybe how gutsy the filmmaker is, by how good the last shot is, and how exactly the he ends the story. I'll try to find the quote.

Please tell us your favorite last shots in fi,ms are - or maybe which ones are most memorable. And why.

Here are a few:

Inception: I haven't seen a final shot more discussed in recent years than this one, and it really was meant to keep people talking, to discuss what they think they saw here or didn't see.

Men in Black: Kind of the comic version of the opening of Contact. Shows that the universe may not be what we think it is. Kind of brilliant.

I, Robot: I've always thought that this film was one of the most criminally underrated blockbusters ever, and this last shot is pure gold. It really has you thinking, and yet the movie earns the moment, in my opinion. It might not be a favorite last shot for a lot of people, but it is one of mine, for sure.

Star Trek First Contact: A lot of Trek films actually do pan up from a skyline of trees to the sky while playing the familiar themes, but what this film has before the pan-up, its first union between the Vulcans and humans, is brilliant, and makes you want to just take those first steps into a new frontier with everyone there.

The Dark Knight: Batman as a fugitive in order to protect a greater good? Awesome idea. This last shot was spoiled when Nolan fumbled the ball in the next film.

The Shawshank Redemption: I kind of don't like this last shot. I might have been more powerful if we don't actually see Andy and Red meet, if we cut away just before we see Andy here. Yet it is reassuring and heartwarming after a film that, through its lengths challenged our sensibilities and and taught us a thing or two about the real meaning of friendship.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: I don't think any other film ends with so many of my favorite characters all gathered together like this one.

The Abyss: It's memorable, in that I don't like the shot, despite loving this film. It just doesn't seem like an alien ship anymore.

Titanic: I'm not going to ramble on this film, but I think the final shot is beautiful, and brilliant. my favorite detail is the fact that the captain is the last to clap.

Terminator 3
: This whole ending had balls, and I can't not mention it here.
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