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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Crusade: OH. MY. GOD. That was the BEST episode this season, it was wonderful!!! I was in tears! Such a good story of Vala in the village and her conflicting fears and sympathies. So heartening to see the resistance. So much mystery still!

TEAL'C: You have been impregnated without copulation?
VALA: Yes. And I'm absolutely terrified. Have any of you ever heard of anything like it?
Mitchell raises his eyebrows and looks to Carter, who shrugs slightly.
MITCHELL: Well, there's one…
TEAL'C: Darth Vader.

Don't the Ori have enough followers without impregnating people?! Okay we will assume this will be the Super Ori Baby. I'm going to ignore the Arthur references for the moment even though I know they are going to happen because King Arthur is a big bore.

Also kind of surprised not to get any Daniel commentary about suddenly inhabiting a pregnant woman, that would have been different. But maybe this will come up in the next ep.


is incredible.

Can't get enough of her.

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