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How long does it take to traverse the UFP?

How long does it take for a reasonably fast ship to fly through the Federation? In TNG, Warp 5 (the new scale) is described as fast, as if the typical ship does not travel at Warp 5.

Suppose a typical Federation citizen wants to travel to Bajor or some place like that from Earth to see antiquities in museums. How long would it take?

I get the idea that it would be months, which seems untenably long. Maybe the UFP is more dependent on information, which travels faster by subspace radio than ships, but it seems like you couldn't maintain a government if it took a year to traverse it. If the UFP were that big, it would require devoting years to just to visit a distant region. Most people would communicate with those regions but never visit them or exchange significant quantities of goods with them.

If it was to take Voyager 70 years, including stops and detours to search for fuel and supplies, to travel 70k lightyears, it would take them almost a month to go 100 light years. Your average run-of-the-mill transport ship traveling through well-known space would take at least a week or two to go that far. But I thought the Federation was supposed to be larger than 100 light years across. Does this mean it impractical for the average citizen ever to leave a particular sector?
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