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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 70; Obfuscation

Thanks for the win!

Jadzia: You know,'s something stimulating, looking up at a man....

Kira: I woudn't know. You're in my seat.

O'Brien: For the record, Doc, mature women have their advantages, too.

Dabo Girl: I'm right HERE, buddy!

O'Brien: What--you thought I was saying you...?

Dabo Girl: Oh--crap....

Weyoun: A little correction in your motto, Jake. We decide, you report--not the other way around.

Kira: Sheesh. That awkward moment when past and future share a lift with me.

Shakaar: Excuse me?

Odo: I think for you, Minister, ignorance is bliss.

Bashir: All right, Captain--calm down. Now...what word would you say best describes your pain?

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