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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

Since I'm sure Alidar Jarok would appreciate me posting content beyond "Ruben Amaro lol," here's the most amazing bat flip I've ever seen:

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That team is an old timer's day waiting to happen. Sure they'll mop up with the KC's and Minnesota's of the world, but I can't picture them finishing higher than 3rd in their own division.
I've said this earlier, but the AL East has never been more winnable in the last 20 years than it is right now -- the Yankees are gutting themselves in order to hit the goal of Project 189, and the Red Sox are a Dumpster fire. Tampa Bay is pretty solid, the Blue Jays obviously went all-in on winning now and have the pieces to do so (although AA's penchant for mediocre relievers will never stop confusing me) and who knows what the hell to expect from the Orioles ... the 2012 season was goofy as hell.
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