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Re: If Not Wonder Woman...Then Who?

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Wonder Woman is a weird character with a weird origin story and weird powers. She worked in a cheesier time, but for her to work now, I think her backstory would have to seriously be re-designed. Daughter of the Gods? Invisible plane? Magic lasso that makes you tell the truth? Just too goofy. I can barely suspend my disbelief when she pops up in cartoons anymore.

I think Catwoman could work well as a live-action series, as she is also a fairly independent character that wouldn't require shoehorning Batman into the story (not that you couldn't).

DC is a boy's club. There are plenty of female Marvel characters that could support their own series, but unfortunately you just don't have that many if you're exclusively looking at the DC Universe.
Most of Marvels female characters can't even support a comic book series, much less one on TV. Have any had the success of Wonder Woman, Catwoman or even Birds of Prey? Marvel has made some strides lately in introducing books starring women, but DC ha been doing it for decades.
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