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Re: Clever step of CBS to release ST ENT on BD now?

The Wormhole wrote:
Well, it's been rumoured they might consider DS9 blu-rays based on how the TNG blu-rays sell. And though the TNG BR are selling well, historically DS9 doesn't do as well as TNG. It got lower ratings, a recentally released soundtrack CD release flopped and IDW's DS9 comic did so poorly they gave up their DS9 license.
I know DS9 got less ratings than TNG on TV but how has is fared as far as media sales go like VHS and DVD? As far as the IDW comics go from what I heard 'Fool's Gold' was just a throw away story from the 4th season and wasn't that great it's not like it was a finely crafted Dominion war story from Alan Moore drawn by Alex Ross. A soundtrack CD? almost 15 years after the show went off the air? for the most part DS9 had Berman mandated backround music I doubt hardly anyone was clamoring for that, unlike a Ron Jones boxset.

The Wormhole wrote:
DS9 season 1 might get a blu-ray release, but if history is any guide it won't sell that well and CBS might not bother with the rest of the series and definitely won't touch Voyager. Hell, I doubt Enterprise will sell that well, the only commercially viable Trek is TOS, TNG, and the Abramsverse.
How did DS9 season 1 do on DVD? Must have done well enough to release the whole series though granted it didn't require any extensive remastering at the time. One could argue that TNG or TOS aren't commercially viable either based on the lackluster performance of STV and NEM at the time.

R. Star wrote:
I'm sorry... can't bring myself to spend the money on something I can get off Netflix just as easy enough.
Yeah but are the shows on Netflix in Hi Def though?
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