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Re: jj abrams not in 3rd star trek movie

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However, the future beyond that isn't nearly as clear now.
Yes it is. TV as we know it is dying. The rerun/syndication market is almost gone and dvd/blu-ray are being replaced by streaming and theft. Nobody is making any money on big budget tv series. The wildly successful Walking Dead had its enormous ratings rewarded with a huge budget cut for season two; another smaller one for season three; and yet another for the forthcoming season four. Even if a Trek series were to roll out the big guns (Kirk/Spock) it wouldn't come close to Walking Dead's ratings. The aforementioned George Lucas even decided he wasn't going to make any money on live action tv Star Wars unless he could get the budget way down.

Movie attendance remains the only stability Hollywood is looking at right now.

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The most interesting part of this whole story to me is that so many industry people are treating the "huge success" of Into Darkness as a foregone conclusion.
We can safely assume Kennedy and Lucas have seen it.

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