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Re: Geordi's Authority

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Chain of commandwise, I suppose Worf would have been the Third Officer by this point anyways, so it really wasn't a huge jump.
Worf's rank was always weird, throughout all the shows. He was a Lt. for far too long in TNG, as a department head he should have been a 2-and-a-half. Even one-episode department heads usually held this rank. Of course this is again throughout Trek, step forward Harry Kim...
Then again, there is the issue of Starfleet having a different billet system than today's navies, with a greater emphasis on position rather than rank. On a Galaxy-class ship, the chief of security may only have warranted a lieutenant from the get-go and the operations officer of an Intrepid-class ship may only have warranted an ensign. Another possibility is that individual ships may have a specific chain-of-command, with promotions a precursor to increased responsibilities or reassignment to another vessel with a different chain-of-command.
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