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Re: What did Voyager do with the bodies of dead crewmembers?

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They're not torpedoes, they're torpedo casings. I'm sure the vitals were the parts that couldn't be replicated, not the casing and such vitals are removed to make room for the body (thus all a civilization might find is the casing). Making casings can probably be done easily. For all we know, people on Earth could be buried in "photon torpedo casings". They could be shooting coffins in battle! They just happened to load them with bomb components.

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This is what I imagine to be in a torpedo casing normally.

1. Explosives.
2. A Warp drive.
3. An Impulse Drive
4, Fuel for the Engine.
5. A navigation system.
6. Remote Subspace failsafes.
7. Navigation shields.

What do you believe that they should extract to fit the corpse and the torpedo will still be space worthy?
Firing torpedoes at warp always made me scratch my head.... if they're moving faster than light and fire a projectile weapon... shouldn't they fly into their own torpedo... reverse firing would work, but not forward firing.
You folks just ruin the concept of fiction.
I don't mind fictional concepts, I just wish they'd follow the rules they establish... like you can't beam through shields. Then next episode they can.
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