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Re: Ant-Man and Dr. Strange part of Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 3

Christopher wrote: View Post
Okay, I apologize. We're just talking past each other. I took it as implicit that what I was saying about body types had nothing to do with how sexy the character was, because of course different body types can be sexy. You seemed to think I was ignoring the issue of sexuality, which confused me. The only explanation I could think of for why you would interpret my words that way was that you were assuming "not big-breasted" meant "not sexy." I apologize for making that assumption, but then, what did you mean?
Just that praticality alone does not make a better character. In fact, there are excellent characters which don't make much practical sense in the real world, and trying to make them follow arbitrary rules of what we consider realistic does not make them better. I'm talking about Catwoman here, but I could be talking about Miss Marple, Fagin or James Bond and my point would be the same.

And I apologize too for my rude tone.
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