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Re: Star Wars II and III 3D releases cancelled

I'm disappointed. My friend and I wre going to see all of them.

It seems there were "two Lucasfilms" for a while. There was the one Lucasfilm that was planning Episode 7, at first in secret, and the other Lucasfilm, run by McCullum, (who has since left) which, at the same time, was hoping to release 3-D films for the next five years.

Guess we know which one actually won out.

However, my opinion is that they should have kept their promise.. because promises will help keep the audience's good will. They should have released them all in 3-D. They said that they were disappointed in TPM's 3-D release. How can they be? It's a bad movie, and re-releasing a crappy movie again (3-D or not) won't change that.
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