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Re: Sci-Fi TV Shows that you're pretty sure only you watched.

The Immortal

We could morph this into Pilots and TV Movies of the Week too

"The Love War"
"The People" (Hi Bill!)
"The Horror at 37,000 Feet" (ditto)
"A Cold Night's Death"

Help me out here...I was thinking of a Glenn Corbett movie where he winds up on an Earth on the exact opposite of the sun...there everyone's organs on on the other side of their bodies. He tries to get back, and is killed. I may be conflating movies.

It sounds a lot like the synopsis of "The Stranger"...but now my head is picturing Roy Thinnes so I'll look into that. Ah, it was "Journey to the Far Side of the Sun" and his character was named Glenn. Damn, that was a good movie.
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