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Re: Sci-Fi TV Shows that you're pretty sure only you watched.

RAMA wrote: View Post
Terra Nova-I watched the whole first season, no one else bothered.
I did

Lexx - I thought I was the only one in this universe watching that show... then I registered on the Trek-BBS.

7 Days - Same story. -Except, I still wait for someone to come forward and admit they watched it.

Aeon Flux (the animated series) - Took me a while to figure out it actually had a bit of a cult-following.

Karaoke and the sequel, Cold Lazarus - Brilliant Dennis Potter tv-serials.

Earth; Final Conflict - ALL FIVE SEASONS!!!

Moonbase 3 - Fantastic British SciFi series! - Well, fantastic is just the thing it wasn't; instead it was realistic -probably that's why it didn't last more than one series back in 1973.

Mysterious Ways - Has it been mentioned upthread?

Paradox - Weird mashup of SciFi elements and police procedural. It's currently running around here

The Tripods - Too bad they never finished the story

Ultraviolet - The only vampire-series I ever wanted to watch -and then they pulled it.

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