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Galileo Restoration Update - Jan 2013

It's been a while since we updated the TrekBBS on the progress with Galileo... thought you might enjoy this.

The purchase completed in June 2012 and we went to visit "the old girl" in July to secure her and prepare for restoration. The visit was very successful, and we also met someone with the capability to get her shipped to the restoration.

Here's Galileo after we secured her in Ohio.

It took a few months to determine the best way to get Galileo restored. Mostly, we wanted a very high level of craftsmanship, a "real" shop (not a part time restoration), dedicated people, and facilities. After a great deal of looking around found a facility in New Jersey, a boat-repair specialist who works primarily on wooden boats. It is Master Shipwrights in Atlantic Highlands. They have extensive experience with this type of constructions and were thrilled to get the piece.

We shot video during the arrival in October. This is about three minutes, edited from an hour of video.

And then the facility got flooded by Hurricane Sandy!

Fortunately Galileo was not affected but we lost some time as they had to replace many items and the power tools/motors in the shop.

Restoration is well underway. Primary documentation is on the site, But a few pictures...

Getting the existing letter sizes, and such:

Early December

Early January, hard at work:

Late January:

We are in discussions with a number of museums about the donation, but nothing definite at this point. If any of you have direct, real, connection with major appropriate museums feel free to PM me.

And yes, we are saving all of the old wood & metal & signage.

The old girl is coming along...

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