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Re: [SPOILER?] to be in the film?

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But the timelines split in 2233, and the way Countdown to Darkness April says "a ship called Enterprise" suggests there was *another* USS Enterprise between the timeline split in 2233 and the one we saw built and launched in the last movie, in 2258.

Archer's Enterprise, perhaps? It could still be around when the split occurred.
Archer's Enterprise would be 82 years old as of 2233. I don't know offhand the design life of the NX class, but I'd be real surprised if it was over 40 years.

Maybe April's Enterprise was closer to the old Connie we all know and love (not the nuConnie).

On that note, it is ever established that the new Enterprise *is* still Constitution class? Because with the timeline divergence in 2233, that would put the start of the Constitution Class Development Project either just after the Narada attack or already in progress. Either way, it's not a stretch to imagine the Constitutions being rushed into service with more conventional tech while the new Enterprise is designed as the flagship and possibly its own class.
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