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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 70; Obfuscation


Kira: Dax, I don't know how you shamed the men of the station into wearing the Skant Uniform, but, you have my eternal gratitude!

Bashir: Chief, are you okay?

O'Brien: Yeah, it's just, well I'd never seen Keiko while I was sober, and man, I must have had one Hell of set of beer goggles!

Bashir: Miles, this isn't Keiko, it's one of Quark's Dabo girls.

O'Brien: Oh, thank God!

Weyoun: ...and just a hint of paprika. Really, the secret is to heat the pan before adding the ingredients.

Jake: When I asked you to reveal the Dominion's deepest, darkest secrets, I didn't quite have your mother's recipes in mind.

Shakaar: (whispering) That belt trick was nice, now convince him to morph bell bottoms!

Garak: I warned you...this 3D thing is just a fad and a way to jack up prices. But, no, you had to see Star Wars: The Phantom Menance in 3D. And now, you just have a headache and regrets, don't you?
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