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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 70; Obfuscation

Can't believe I missed the last contest!

Dax: Despite the innuendos, Curzon saw Benjamin in the locker room. It was microscopic.
Kira: You never could tell by the way he acts.
Dax: Oh hi Benjamin, we're talking about your temper!

O'brien: Julian, I know you're lonely, but if you're considering hitting that, you need to switch to synthale.

Jake: Dammit Weyoun! I've been feeding you information about my father and the Federation for years! I want to be Prefect of Bajor when the time comes!
Weyoun: Seriously Jake, we'll keep taking your information, but you couldn't even qualify for the Starflleet draft during a war.... what makes you think we're going to trust you with anything important?

Odo: I never understood what you solids mean by "triangle."

Sisko: Make it stop...
Bashir: I simply cannot figure out why this imaging device is making his head hurt.
Garak: Oh, sorry... he's wearing mine. I had it programmed to display Cardassian pornography every 10 frames. What? The life of a tailor can be lonely.
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