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Re: Sci-Fi TV Shows that you're pretty sure only you watched.

The Phoenix-Ancient Aliens inspired series. Judson Scott was in it, and it lasted about as long as a gamer's attention span.
Star Cops-BBC show shown in USA soon after it's airing in UK. Good drama.
VR5- One of the best scifi shows of the 90s. Its one of the few FOX shows no one's ever heard of.
Surface-Not a great show, but it was growing on me.
Threshold-One of the best shows on here.
Flash Forward-I could still murder the execs who cancelled this show.
Max Headroom-A show that tried to be hip and actually was!
Automan(way back when)-Tron's first sequel! 12 people watched it.
Adventures of Jules Verne-Lots of fun, richly realized.
Captain Power-Should never have been aimed at kids, and to sell toys.
Hypernauts-By part of the B5 crew. Light years better kids scifi than Power Rangers, so of course no one watched it.
Space Rangers-Not a great show but I watched all 6 or 7 episodes.
Enterprise-Well its a ST show that got cancelled that's doesn't have miniskirts and beehive hairdos.
Defying Gravity-A disclaimer...I didn't watch it in first run either. I am sure I'm one of about 1,000 people who've seen it though.
Dr Who-Original (USA PBS) I thought I was the only person not answering phones on PBS who ever watched it at the time.
Terra Nova-I watched the whole first season, no one else bothered.
Phantom 2040-I'm certain I am the only one who has ever watched this show. Best version of Phantom ever. I have not seen it since the mid-90s though. Writing by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, designs by Peter Chung.
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