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Re: Clever step of CBS to release ST ENT on BD now?

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Honestly, I doubt DS9 or Voyager will ever be reelased on blu-ray. Since they were shot on video, transferring to blu-ray will require the same extensive work being done to TNG. And really, neither show was popular enough to warrant that.
Trust me when I tell you: the folks at CBS really want to put DS9 and VGR out. The people doing the remastering and such are all big-time fans. A lot of the execs in charge are even fans. They just have to (for job security and basic business reasons) make sure it won't be throwing money out the airlock, you know? The money needed to fix the 90s shows up is significant. Enterprise coming out now is simply because it doesn't cost them next to anything to release on blu-ray now, where as a couple of years ago it would have cost a modest amount. It's all about the timing/expense of tech.
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