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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

When people say they wish there were fewer Ezri episodes in S7, I think they're mainly thinking of this one.

It feels like a S4 episode. The connection to "Honor Among Thieves" is nice enough, although I would have done different things with it than they did.

I thought the commentary about how extraordinary acts of violence can result from ordinary life experiences was interesting, though perhaps a bit ham-handed and forced. It was also nice to see an aspect of the Federation that wasn't squeaky-clean.

One other small detail I liked: Morica Bilby. Though we don't see her, what we are told about her makes her, well, a lot less likable than her husband was. It would've been very easy for the writers to make her a sympathetic figure, but the way she's portrayed make her seem unreasonable and greedy. That's a nice, little realistic twist.

Of course, objectively, we only have anecdotal evidence about her, but still, they don't go to great lengths to give us reason to question that evidence.

Still, overall, I rewatch this episode rather infrequently.
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