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Re: Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans

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On the contrary, evidence is the basis of any legitimate argument.
Allan Asherman noted in his Star Trek Compendium that these EVA suits are controversial among fans, you either like them or dislike them and that's all there is apparently to it. Had there been complaints from viewers that you couldn't see the actors' faces in the TOS space suits, I'm sure we would have heard or read about that.
The issue of character recognition is one that applies in cel animation more than live action, as I said. So the way the suits appeared in TOS was irrelevant to the point I was making. Look at animated adaptations of live-action films and shows and you often see that the character designs are modified to make the characters more easily recognizable at a distance -- for instance, the Ghostbusters. In the movie, three of them were brown-haired white men of similar build, and all four wore identically colored costumes with only nametags differentiating them. But in The Real Ghostbusters, they were all given different unform colors, hair colors, hairstyles, and body types so they could be easily distinguished at a distance or in rapid motion where subtle details would be hard to discern. When you're pointing a camera at real people, those subtle differences are still going to be there even at a distance, but animation cels would have less detail, less individualized body language, and the like, so you want more exaggerated design differences to differentiate your characters. This is a commonplace principle of animation design.

Besides, even if TAS had used spacesuits rather than force field belts, there's no guarantee they would've used the "Tholian Web" spacesuit design, which after all only appeared once and was not standardized. TAS updated some design elements such as the shuttlecraft and the layout of engineering, so it's possible they would've come up with an updated spacesuit design as well. Indeed, I don't think the "Web" spacesuits would've worked well for Filmation at all, since so much of their composition relied on stock shots of characters in profile or turning their heads to and from profile, which wouldn't have worked at all with those suits.

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If one is going to claim something as a fact, one needs to be able to support the claim.
Like your most recent unfounded claim in the "Court-Martial" thread, that the Starfleet officers from the trial were "definitely" not seen earlier in the Starbase club?

Or is it now something you learned from the experience?
Actually I did base that on evidence, to the extent that I checked screencaps of the bar scene and looked at people's sleeves to see what rank stripes were there. There was nobody in the bar scene wearing captain's stripes other than Kirk; all the background extras, as I said at the time, either had a single stripe or none at all. I did, admittedly, overlook the fact that the extras who played the board members also appeared in the bar scene, but as I said, that doesn't mean they were playing the same characters, since there are multiple precedents for the same extra appearing in two different roles at different points in a TOS episode (in fact, I think there's one early case of Eddie Paskey appearing in two different, intercut parts of the ship during the same scene). And I did explain all this in the thread at the time; you must have overlooked it.
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