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Re: Ant-Man and Dr. Strange part of Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 3

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If Dr Strange is important to Phase Three, that suggests that Avengers 3 is going to use a Dr Strange villain like Dormammu for it's big alien invasion at the end, just like they're doing Thanos and the Guardians of the Galaxy in Phase Two.
If they did jump to using Dormammu right away in the 1st Strange movie, he would definitely bring a presence to the screen with the sfx head. I've always imagined a loud booming voice similar to that of the Guardian of Forever or the Melkotian in ST:TOS. Throw some curves in with Clea and Umar. Add a few hundred Mindless Ones to help with the alien invasion aspect and you've got the beginnings of a good movie or two.
Works for me, as long as we get some psychedelic, Ditko-esque art direction as well.
Yes, definitely! If they can use special effects to match a Ditko-esque style for the Dark Dimension that would rock! When I was a kid, Pocket Books put out a book of Strange Tales reprints of Dr. Strange's earliest tales. By the time I reached #116 "Return to the Nightmare World," I was hooked on Ditko's depictions of other dimensions!
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