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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

Netflix has had some trouble with unwise decisions causing customer furor. People don't need to be "right" in order to be angry, they just need to be angry. It's Netflix's job to figure out how to not create that situation again.

As for the motivation of Spacey's character, it looks to me that he's an antihero type - he's angry because he's egotistical and ambitious and he thinks he deserves the job. The audience doesn't have to agree - I don't give a flip if anyone in Washington gets any job - we just need to find him compelling enough that we're willing to go along with the ride, regardless of how odious a character he may be. And to accomplish that, it really helps to have an actor of Spacey's caliber. His personal charisma will be the reason the audience cares if some DC dickwad gets revenge for a supposed slight.
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