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Greg Cox
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Re: Sci-Fi TV Shows that you're pretty sure only you watched.

I like campy stuff, too, and will defend Cleopatra 2525 to the day I die, but Black Scorpion just fell flat for me. It was a bad, lead-footed attempt at a campy guilty pleasure.

Almost as bad: the short-lived CONAN THE BARBARIAN live-action series.

Meanwhile, I actually thought RELIC HUNTER was more fun than the "official" TOMB RAIDER movies. The show had a nice sense of humor, never took itself too seriously, and was utterly shameless when it came to finding "plausible" excuses for Tia Carrere to take her clothes off.

"Oh my! The lost temple is buried under a nudist colony!"

That's sheer genius, I tell you . . . .
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