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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Do we have stats yet?

AFAIK the going theory is still that the Ambassador will be a science mirror of the tactical Excelsior while the Galaxy is a pure engineering cruiser.

It is possible that Cryptic will release a better version with better hull/turnrate/shields/speed/universal stations/consoles and different flavors for tactical/science/operations, but then it would break away from it's niche.
The Odyssey is supposed to be the versatile cruiser (as the Vesta is the science flagship and the escort flagship spot is still vacant) in game while more exotic configurations go to lockbox ships.
I'd rather see another T3 fleet version of the Ambassador than a C-Store version.

Cruiser line:

Pure Cruiser - Galaxy Class
Weak flavor tactical cruiser - Sovereign (Galaxy Dreadnaught)
Weak flavor science cruiser - Starcruiser
Strong flavor tactical cruiser - Excelsior
Strong flavor science cruiser - Ambassador
Versatile tactical cruiser - Regent
Versatile science cruiser - ...
Versatile cruiser - Odyssey

It will be interesting to see which ship will fill the sister role to the Regent with a universal LC station and a science flavor in console slots.

Come to think of it, they might actually release a 25th century refit of the Ambassador to fit the versatile science cruiser role.
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