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Re: Basic Science Question - "fabric" of space

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Ideally, yes, but dogma is an all too common human pitfall. Sometimes even "extraordinary" evidence will not sway the stubborn. Halton Arp's work, right or wrong, was deemed so threatening that he was denied computer and telescope time, his papers suppressed; blacklisted so brutally that he had to go to another country to continue his work.
Nonsense. His ideas have been tested, and the evidence contradicted them. When he first posited his theories, the Big Bang was just one model among many, and he was far from the only one who offered an alternative. But in the past 20 years, improved telescopes have given us enough hard data to overwhelmingly verify the Big Bang. Those alternative ideas weren't suppressed, they simply turned out to be wrong. If this guy is claiming some conspiracy to conceal the truth, then he's the one blinded by dogma.

Science is not "threatened" by alternative ideas. On the contrary, scientists depend on having new questions to ask, new ideas to test, new experiments to try. Heck, a generation of string theorists have built careers writing papers about untestable new interpretations of physics. Attempts at revisionism are the lifeblood of theoretical physics, not a threat to it.

Quantum physics, like Newton's gravity, is more a description of nature than an explanation. Actuarial data.
Science doesn't pretend to be about addressing the why of things; that's a matter for philosophers. Science is about observing the universe and figuring out how it works. So that's a meaningless dismissal of quantum physics. The point is that quantum theory works as a practical tool for modeling and predicting the behavior of the universe. Its postulates have been extensively and consistently verified, and it's enabled us to invent many useful technologies and chemical and metallurgical processes.
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