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Re: Sci-Fi TV Shows that you're pretty sure only you watched.

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Tron Uprising is outstanding.
Was last night's the season/series finally? It felt like enough of a game changer to be.
Yeah, that was the season finale. Whether or not it's the series finale, well...I guess we'll know soon enough.

As far as the OP, shows I know only I've watched:
Black Scorpion
Starhunter (later known as Starhunter 2300)
Team Knight Rider
V.I.P (given how much of that show wasn't realistic, it had to be sci-fi).
Star Hunter started out rough, but, I really enjoyed it (From DVD, had never heard of it before picking up the sample DVD) and was bummed it was cancelled. The Sequel Series Star Hunter 2300 was OK, but, as I recall, mostly dropped some of the main arc parts I was interested in seeing developed further
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