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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

11. Red Tails: A-
12. Hansel & Gretel-Witch Hunters: C-

Red Tails - I really enjoyed this film. The arial combat moves with the camera direction felt very 1st person most of the time. The divebomb on the German destroyer especially. If this was one of, if not the last thing, on Lucas's to do list before selling to Disney I feel he closed up shop well with this film.

Hansel & Gretel - Note, just cause I have a gift card doesn't mean I should use it. These things burn holes in my pocket, I have a rule dammit! I've seen worse films, really I have but I don't like to even pay for films I can anticipate are going to be this lowly graded by myself(and then maybe it's a tad high?). Cheesy and predictable for most of the film. I literally predicted about 3 lines of dialogue within reasonable variation. I called it with Mina. It's at best a solid renter with pizza and few beers in you. It's only 95minutes long.
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