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Re: Theory on money in the 24th century

There's an argument that the transported person is just a copy. Since the original pattern was dissolved and turned into computer data, and then reformed based on that data.

I'm no physicist at all, so I'll take a shot at a theory on this.

I'll assume that the atomic levels carries the properties of the quantum by default, so if you replicate the atoms of a yolk and shell in a specific pattern, you'll get the quantum properties of that yolk and shell automatically.

You should get an egg about as real as the original with all its properties.

If the pattern in the replicator was based on an original object that was scanned into the computer, then when that pattern replicated, it should replicate the eggs with much more of it qualities than Trek sometimes claim.

The only way I can see a steak not tasting like steak, is if the replicator replicates a couple of 'wrong' molecules in it

Or if the atoms that are replicated are some weird type of empty atoms that affect the quality of taste and texture.
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