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Re: jj abrams not in 3rd star trek movie

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My ultimate hope is this whole escapade is the extra leverage Paramount needs to convince CBS to get a series going.

As I previously said in one of these threads, we are in an era where television has surpassed film in scope, depth, and all-around quality of storytelling, and there is no Star Trek show on the airwaves. I think that's a real shame.

I think it's the perfect time to go back, and this might be just the kick in the rear TPTB needed.
Shows like Trek are very expensive to make for television and almost have to be home run from the get go to pay for themselves.

Look at all of the high production quality TV shows that didn't get renewed because even though the their ratings were adequate it simply doesn't make financial sense to make them.

Revolution is one of the few shows returning that probably cost a lot of money to make compartiavely to the hugely popular Dancing with the Stars which cost a pittance to produce.

TV success stories like The Walking Dead are an anomaly in today's 300 channel environment.

I'm not sure the ratings would be there for Trek to pay for itself on regular broadcast television and still do it right in terms of production quality.
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