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Re: Sci-Fi TV Shows that you're pretty sure only you watched.

I'll give you some hints:

Space show
Jewel Staite
Creators who were already known for their genre work
Not Firefly

One of my favorite shows when I was younger.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Anybody else remember The Chronicle?
Yep. I thought it was an interesting premise for a show.

Mistral wrote: View Post
Based on the ratings, I was the only person watching Journeyman...
I watched it. I rather liked it. It was cancelled too soon, though. They never got a chance to flesh out the folks behind his time jumps.

TheSeeker wrote: View Post
I think I'm the only one who watched John Doe though...
I know I watched several episodes, though I can't recall if I stuck with it to the very end.

Sindatur wrote: View Post
Heroes S2 - S4 all the way through. S1 was hugely popular, and so many tuned in for S2, but, they dropped like flies and very, very few of us stuck through until the bitter end (Though S4 actually had started getting better again, IMHO, was pretty watchable [maybe that was down to Robert Knepper, though])
Count me as one of those who stuck with it.
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