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Re: Sci-Fi TV Shows that you're pretty sure only you watched.

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1. Quark

2. The Fantastic Journey

3. The Man from Atlantis

4. The Invisible Man

Ok...others probably watched these...but still..

I watched all those, and even read the novelization of The Invisible Man. (I'm assuming you mean the 70's version with David McCallum, not the later Sci Fi Channel version with Vincent Ventresca.) And The Man From Atlantis comic books.

Anybody else remember The Chronicle? How about Blood Ties on Lifetime?
I remember watching in the late 70's some British TV movies that our ABC affiliate would show around midnight. I remember absolutely nothing about them other than they often had a horror/sci-fi bent, were British...and shot on video cause they had that soap-opera look. and they wern't Dr. Who.
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