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Re: Season 1 Geordi v the Rest of the Seasons.

Well, there's is a definite transition, but less severe than say Worf or even maybe Troi.

I suspect they had figured Geordi for a prominent Bridge role, which would have meant the character would have needed to be a more commanding personality. In his new role, it was enough that he was simply likeable, & frankly, Burton is far more fit for that

My opinion is that not only were the characters tailored over time to blend with each other, but they were tailored to blend better with the actor

After all, what Frenchman likes Shakespeare & Earl Grey Tea, what Klingon plays gunfighter on the holodeck with his kid & friends, & what emotionless android ends up being one of the funniest characters on the show? The dancing, theater producing doctor, the trombone playing 1st officer. These are all incidents of the actor shining through the character

I think it added to the show
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