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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

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From the trailer it looks like they are at least paying homage to the original. It starts in a similar scenario,[...]
Yeah, it's hard for me to see the motivation as being on the same level in the US scenario. Wikipedia says that the Spacey character is peeved because he wasn't made Secretary of State. In the UK, the big cabinet jobs go to MPs just like Urquhart and he had good reason to expect one, too. But it's been a long time since a US Secretary of State has been even a former US Representative, let alone being appointed directly from the House.

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Lillyhammer wasn't a big hit apparently so they lack of DVD might not have registered with netflix customers but if House of Cardsis a bigger hit, and my hunch is that it will be, I wonder if there's going to be another shitstorm if DVD only customers feel shortchanged/forced to add streaming.
I don't see much justification for feeling shortchanged or forced. You want more, you have to pay for more, such is life.

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