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Do any other asparagus lovers get that unfortunate side-effect?
It is a genetic trait. My brother has that effect, so I never eat asparagus.
Really, just because it makes your pee smell funny? It doesn't seem a good enough reason not to eat a delicious and healthful veggie like asparagus!

The really interesting thing about the asparagus urine odor effect is that there are actually different types of people, all genetically determined, as you said. First, asparagus only affects the odor of urine for some people, but added to that is that only some people are capable of smelling the effect! So, you may not have the effect at all, nor be able to smell it, you may be able to smell it, but not have it, you may have it, but not be able to smell it, or you may be able to smell it, and have it.

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