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lurok wrote: View Post
Do any other asparagus lovers get that unfortunate side-effect?
It is a genetic trait. My brother has that effect, so I never eat asparagus.
J. Allen wrote: View Post
Last night we had tacos. Now, I've made tacos hundreds of times. The difference this time, however, was that I used soy crumbles instead of ground beef, and while there was a slight taste variation, no one really seemed to notice enough to comment on it. In fact, everyone seemed to enjoy them, including myself.

I'm going to use them in fixing hamburger helper later this week. We'll see if they notice a difference there. If they don't, or if they don't mind, then I have found a way to enjoy a good supper with my meat loving family instead of always having separate meals. That's less expensive in the long run!
Being poor on a farm, when meat was in short supply, Mom used the soy protein (as it was called then) in most dishes calling for ground beef. I use it occasionally these days, but I prefer ground turkey @ $1.49/lb. it is very inexpensive. A year or so I found Mexican-seasoned Soy Protein Ground Beef Substitute on close-out, so I bought a case of it. The kids/grandkids loved it in my Mexican lasagna, enchiladas, tacos, etc.
(I also successfully made him switch to whole wheat. He much prefers white bread)
Mom would not eat anything but soft white bread, either. I tried the WhiteWheat bread without telling her. A couple years later I told her what I'd done. Now she eats whole wheat "brown bread" with no problem... actually she prefers it.
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